Under the age of 12 should players be worried about their stats? I was speaking to a soccer coach today who has started coaching hockey and he mentioned that in soccer here in Ontario there are no levels or scores/stats recorded for the rep level. After talking to him a little longer I learned that he likes the idea of no scores and no wins or losses recorded, so I obviously asked "why?" for obvious reasons. He replied with the following:

"In hockey there is a want and need by the players to score and win, The games they play are horrible to watch. These players run up the score so that they win 19-1, and then they run home to check if their stats are up online. This is just wrong!"

I really wanted to tell him the way I look at this, however I had to keep my composure, however here I can post my opinion and I would love to hear what you have to say about this as well. 

Should we record wins and stats for kids under the age, YES this is what rep sports are for! Rep is not to baby kids along the path of greatness. Rep Basketball is around to teach kids skills to get better at the sport and life lessons, and one life lesson is loosing. If your upset that your players are racing home to check their stats either you or your son is not made out for sports. Or lets look at it the other way if your the coach and your players only care about scoring you have had a huge mistake coaching because your kids should not only care about scoring, there are many more stats than just scoring! Lets look at a few stats Goals, Assists, blocked shots, steals, penalty minutes each of those stats have a part in a team winning the game and they are there for learning as well. 

I tried to explain to him when I took stats I always showed the players what they had after each game and this included rebounds, scoring, shooting percentage, free throw percentage, and much more. If a player was low in a particular stat we would go over how they could increase that stat which could mean me showing a player how to box out for a rebound or how to protect the Basketball when dribbling. 

Coaches you need stats face it, stats are needed to improve a players skills!

For those Americans out there as there are more of you on this site than Canadians, Rep is our version of AAU.

Over the past few years rep has become so watered down that when you say you play rep, everyone can say they have played rep sports. How can we say that a small city like Oakville can have 5 teams for the same age group? There are only so many good players.Back when I played rep it was the beginning of all of the not as skilled kids cried about not making the rep team and then their dads go and coach and let their kids get the best playing time. However this is a topic for another day.