I just finished speaking to a very good grade 12 Basketball player and we were talking about playing College and University Basketball here in Canada. The conversation ended up with us talking about there being no sports scholarships here in Canada. 

Well this is and isn't true, some school's have sports type scholarships while others don't. For example Carleton University in Ottawa, if you play for one of their athletic teams you will receive up to $4000 towards your tuition. Another example is my alma mater Mohawk College from here in Hamilton Ontario, they will pay your tuition for each semester you play for their Basketball and any other sports team. 

So do Canadian post secondary schools provide their players with scholarships? Yes they do, however not to the extent NCAA schools. NCAA schools vary depending on how good of a player you are and how much money the programs gets. If you go and play for an NCAA school like North Carolina, you will most likely get a full scholarship. However, if you pay for a smaller school like Santa Clara you will most likely be one of three players on the team who has a full scholarship, the rest will get a partial for example, tuition paid for or only books paid for.