Just to get things straight I do not have any kids yet, but as a Basketball coach and trainer I know what sore parenting is. We have all heard of those parents who think their kid is the best, well sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. If your a Basketball coach reading this I give you full permission to send this post to all of your parents at the beginning of every season.

What is a sore parent? A sore parent is just like a sore winner, they want their kid to be the starter and will go to any length to get they're kids there. Lets look at some horrible incidents with Hockey parents here in Canada.

You know your a sore parent when: 
  • You swear at the other team when they're winning the game
  • You yell at your kid when he/she looses the game
  • You want your coach fired
  • You offer money to have your kid get more playing time or a starting position
  • You actually physically fight your coach or referees 
  • You yell at your coach when he doesn't play your kid in a game
These activities are not only isolated to Hockey as I have witnessed this in Basketball too. However this needs to stop, especially if your son is under 16! 

If your kid is in an equal playing time league you can have a disagreement on playing time with your convenor, however if you are in a competitive league like rep or AAU Basketball you have no say in anything! 

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who coaches U15 rep Basketball team(for those who don't know, rep is a city club team here in Canada... kind of like AAU in the States). He had a large scar on his face an I inquired about why he now has the scar. He explained that a parent had a disagreement about playing time and he was offered $50 a game to start the kid in the game. Well he said NO! Which ended in a physical altercation. 

Parents you have absolutely no say in how much playing time your son or daughter receives in a game. Rep and AAU is a competitive league made to showcase skills, lean new skills, and to become a better citizen. If your child is not getting time in a game there has to be a reason. 

Some reasons I have had in the past:
  • Player never or rarely at practice
Answer: Come to practice more
  • Player not trying in practice
Answer: Try or work harder
  • Player not at the same or higher skill level than the others
Answer: Ask coach what he can improve on and work on it!
  • Troublesome parents 

Remember Coaches are mostly volunteers, they do not need to be there, be nice to them and offer them a coffee or tea once in a while, remember the saying you will catch more bees with honey.