Coach Casey of the Toronto Raptors has some hard decisions ahead of him. Coaching a team with a loosing record and watching some of the rookies over performing, should Casey start Terrence Ross and seasoned veteran Ed Davis?

So The Line would be: 
PG: Kyle Lowry 
SG: Terrence Ross
SF: Demar Derozen
PF: Ed Davis 
C: Jonas Valanciunas  

The Toronto Raptors need to change something because their 3-13 record combined with being second worst in the East is not good especially when they were predicting a playoff birth. 

Between Valanciunas and his extreme toughness and Terrence Ross' ability to make everything look easy they will both become very good players over the next few years. This is my own opinion but I think that between Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross will become the face of the Toronto Raptors. 

Lets hope that the Toronto Raptors start to win!