Many players record their games with low resolution cameras and cell phones. This is not a great idea, you need high resolution cameras to keep coaches interested and for coaches to be able to see you well you will need to invest in a good camera. However to edit your video you will not need anything special all you need is the basic video editing programs that come with your computer. 

Remember to not put background music unless you make your own music beats. 

Do not show inappropriate actions in your video, so don't show fights, swearing or anything that is against the rules of Basketball. 

The length of the video is very important, you need to make the video long enough to show your highlights in the game but short enough to not make people fall asleep. I make my highlight tapes between 1-2 minutes in length. 

Introduce yourself at the beginning of the tape, I like to add a picture of the player highlighted in the tape with their number clearly visible. After the picture put your stats for the highlighted game your making the tape from. 

If you post the video to Youtube put your stats and a description about yourself for people/coaches to know you better.