What is your pre game preparation plans? 

Do you have a Tim Horton's Coffee? Or what about a protein shake? Well actually the best pre game preparation ritual is to have a great nights sleep the night before. With a rested body and mind you will preform at your best and you will have less injuries. 

Within the first 30 minutes after waking up have breakfast and if your game is in the morning make sure that breakfast meal is 1.5 hours before your game. This will make for a great game mentally and physically. 

I would not suggest having a coffee before a Basketball game. The caffeine will make you jittery and you may have rapid heart rate or heart palpitation during the game. A protein shake can be a good idea but if you have too much protein it can slow you down for your game. There are also some protein shakes that can make you bloated which can slow you down and feel tired during the game.  

One huge mistake I see many Basketball players make is eating greasy McDonald's before a Basketball game. DO NOT eat anything greasy before your game, this will slow you down and make you tired!