Have you noticed over the last few years how many professional teams that have not lived up expectations for example the LA Lakers, Miami Heat (First Year) and now how the Toronto Blue Jays are starting. Its not easy living up to expectations especially when you let the pressure get to you and effect what your thinking. 

As I think back to the days I played for the 2003/04 Hamilton Wildcats we had some high expectations after winning the Eastern Canadian in the previous few years and Division 1 Championships for every year prior. We were pressured to win by our coach and our players, however it never bothered us at all, we had the mindset that it was fun to run the score up against teams (we lost 1 game all season and won by an average of 30). 

One reason we won with such talent was because we had fun while we were not playing and stayed focus at the task at hand while we were playing. When we were down in a game the leading players would get on the lesser performing players and we would pick up and perform how we are supposed too, and if that didn't work we would sure hear it from our coach. 

Winning with expectations comes from coaching and from the players relationship together.