Recently there have been a lot of discussion about players playing though injuries. In fact there is a whole section in the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) dedicated to this issue. In the NCCP books they state if a player is injured you need a doctors note for the player to play in the next game because you, the parents, and the athlete are not qualified enough to make the decision for him to play. With some injuries like brain injuries and broken bones I can understand this.

However what about injuries like rolled ankles, when the player says he is ready to play? I remember when I was a player and I played through a few games with a bruised rib and I also played through a whole season where I continuously played through a rolled ankle. At the end of the season I took a week to rest and then continued on with ankle strengthening workouts.

I have had players miss 2 months in a row without a notice, and I had no way of knowing what happened. Obviously in this case I needed a note because 2 months off with no reason told until the return I have no idea what the real reason was. However if I was to see the player at least once a week at practices I would have seen the rolled ankle and known that was the only reason he was off. 

I know I am not a doctor, but if the player had a sprained ankle and he wanted to play through the injury I would let him. I know this is against what the NCCP teaches, however if the player feels comfortable playing, the parents are ok with the idea, and the player is not hobbling around the court like an old man I would argue that he is good to play.