Picking a Basketball team is easy, you can choose the closest team to your house, or the best team in your area. But is that enough? Have you ever made a team and after a few practices you hate your coach for some reason? When choosing the team your going to play on you need to know how the coach actually coaches the team because a coach will coach differently during the season than he will during tryouts. When trying out for a new team you should ask the previous parents what they like, dislike and how he/she coaches. 

As a player and parent you also need to know some of the coaches coaching points that he/she will follow throughout the season. So ask your new coach questions that will help you decide the perfect team. The most important question I see parents asking would be playing time and how playing time is handed out. As a coach myself I would answer this question by saying the following: "players will play every game, however their playing time will depend on skill, effort in practice and games, and attendance for practices and games". While coaches who are coaching higher level teams may answer with "only top 8 players play in games, while other players will only play when the top 8 players need rest, get in foul trouble, or when the top 8 are not at the game". 

When you make sure you have the right coach your year will be a lot more enjoyable. There is nothing worst than picking a team with a coach that is not the right fit for you.

Points to take from this post:
  • Ask your coach questions at tryouts
  • Figure out what you want in a coach 
  • Find out your coaches coaching style
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you would like, share your questions that you will ask your coach in the comment section below.