So you have made your team and you feel confident about the upcoming season, but first you need to pick your plays.Will you be using the same plays as last year, will you adapt you plays from last year and add a few more, or will you completely change your plays completely? 

There are many reasons for a coach to do one of the three options above. I personally like teaching my team how to play a few different defences including the
1-4 half court defence. But for my offence I like to figure out my teams strengths, size and athleticism. 

A Small Athletic Team: For a small athletic team I like to run a combination of different
5 out plays and a few different pick and roll/ baseline swing plays. Remember there are only so many 5 out plays you can actually run, so if you are coaching a AAA rep level or High School Basketball team you may want to use a few set plays like a box play and then if there is no score thats when you can start running your 5 out offence. 

A Team With Shooters and A Post: If you have a team that has one or more true posts and a shooting guard you are the perfect candidate to run the coveted
Triangle Offence! The triangle offence will only work at the High School level and higher. This offence works great against every defence thrown at it, I even had a player hit 7 three's in a game because of the one single play that we used over and over again because the other team never stopped it. The Triangle offence takes a long time to teach, however it is worth it, even if its a set play between 2 players there will always be one player open for a pass. 

Every Player Is A Giant! Kind of Team: This can be a dream that can turn bad really fast! Every coach dreams of having a gigantic player, but what happens when your whole team is huge? Well first you need to teach dribbling skills because we all know tall players cant dribble too well. Next you should run a 2 post (one high-one low) offence, obviously with your biggest players in the post. This will ensure easy baskets against all of the shorter teams. 

Hopefully this guide helps a little, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, we are all coaches which means we are always looking for and trying to learn the best plays and drills possible.