I have had numerous emails asking how to pick a Basketball trainer? There are  so many in my area. For my Canadian readers, down in areas like New York there are over 100 trainers in the New York, New York area alone! This can obviously be difficult to pick between so many different trainers!

The one thing I look at is where has this trainer played and/or coached, this can be a tall tail sign of how many coaches he/she has had in the past and will likely have a deeper basket of tricks to draw from to teach the skills you need. The next item I look at is documentation, this means where has this trainer been taught how to coach/train?There are many different diplomas/certifications a trainer can have and I will name a few Canadian ones as that is what I am accustomed to. First Aid/CPR is the Number ONE piece of documentation I look for, I know kids are not supposed to have heart attacks however my friend Nick Baff did when he was 15. Next here in Canada is a personal trainer certificate (Can Fit Pro or YMCA), there are many others but thats just a few examples. Then there is a Basketball Coaching certificate, here in Canada you need to go through NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) training before you can coach a club team (REP/AAU). I know down in the states there are different certification programs everywhere one example is Gannon Baker. (I always ask to see documentation before training and as a trainer I keep photocopies of my documents always with me)

The last thing I look for is, does this trainers skill sets follow with what my child needs to learn. I believe in an all around approach, however if I am dealing with a 6 foot 7 grade 10 player I will focus on his weaknesses and then add in some position specific drills as well. This is because a 6'7 player will likely become a Forward or Center, this means dribbling under pressure for driving to the basket (also a point guard skill) and post skills as good Forwards can post players up (Lebron James) and if he becomes a Center post skills are usually good to have. One thing I do teach no matter what position is shooting skills, there is only two other skills you will need more and that is dribbling and defence.

I hope this has helped you choose your next Basketball Trainer.