Here in Ontario there are many options when it comes to which rep team that you choose and each team also caters to a different individual. Even at a young age players are different, there is the serious player who wants to win every game and wants to go far as a Basketball player (you know, those kids who say "I wanna play in the NBA"). Those type of players would most likely thrive on a team that focusses on winning (even at the age of 9), while a player who wants to have fun but still wants to win will thrive more on the team who focusses more on more games during practice and equal playing time during games. 

Players around the age of 12-13 years old will need to look at themselves and think "Do I have the skills and the desire to make it to the next level?" I don't mean high school, I mean college or university either in Canada or in the USA. This is a big step because this is very early to think about so far into the future however, there are Basketball clubs in Ontario who can help you get to the next level. If you are between 12-13 years old and you want to either make a College, University team or even pro somewhere than you need to find a rep team that also plays in AAU games. 

What is AAU? (American Athletic Union) is basically american rep Basketball. When playing in AAU games in the USA you will be in games that may have american University coaches watching recruiting you. Also AAU Basketball is an extremely high level of Basketball which will make you become a better Basketball player. If you don't make this kind of team try and try again, never get discouraged and practice more. 

If you like rep Basketball but never made the AAU team and still want to go far in the sport of Basketball or just want to have fun, try out for the team that suits your skill level and practice to get better.