I am 99% against a parent coaching his/her son on a sports team, because there is not much good that can come out of the situation. Out of the many years I have coached rep Basketball there has only been one year where I can say that the child and the team was better from it. While with every other team I have ever coached has either failed due to myself not allowing the assistant coaches kid court time or the parents not happy that the coaches kids getting too much playing time.

My first year coaching I had an assistant coach who thought that if he coached that his son would make the team and play major minutes. Well one was right, his son did make the team, however the kid had no motivation to try during practice so he never played and instead of working on this he decided to cry on the bench during games. This eventually led to less than 8 minutes a game and the loss of that assistant coach.

My next two years I was with these two amazing coaches who taught me an absolute ton about coaching Basketball and I will never forget that. However they had their kids on the team and this angered parents a lot when it came to playing time and player rotations. However just like the saying goes "if your winning nobody will complain", well this was the case and the few games we did loose did end up being blamed on the coaches favouring their kids instead of the actual mistakes that the players made during the game. However I should mention that during the second year and the year after I left that team I would see the players in the gym working on their game and I would ask them how is their team going and I always had the same response "I want to join back on Seig's team".

Last year of coaching was the exception to this rule, I had a team that was short some players so I recruited some from my organizations house league and found some pretty good players and an amazing coach. I picked this player not just because his dad was a great coach who really knew the game but for the players up side. This player had a relationship with his dad that many others will only dream of. His dad would teach him and this kid would actually listen! And damn the kid was athletic! This player knew coming in that he was not one of the better players and knew that he had a long road ahead before getting major playing time, however that did not faze him or his dad, both were extremely professional and all coaching parents should be like this. This player eventually started many games for me during the rest of the season and I bet is still improving under his dads wing. 

If you are a parent who is coaching your kids sports team, please for the sake of the team and your child be like the last coach and take a step back from over coaching your kid and choose whats best for the team and not for your son, because this will ultimately backfire and actually hurt your kids skill and attitude. 

I would like to thank the family I was talking to tonight about their sons story that reminded me about my trials of being a rep coach.