Your body will respond and adapt over time to the amount of physical demands placed on it. This means that you continuously need to increase the weights or amount of reps and sets used or else your body will just stay the same and you will see that your plateauing (seeing limited to no improvement). 

Progressive overload is the way to go (our jump training programs can be used as a template). Progressive overload is when you slowly add more weight, reps, and sets. Now I don't mean add 10 pounds during each training session, add a pound or two each week or to whatever your tolerance allows but do not push yourself to strain or injury. 

Notes to remember:
  • Work each side of your body evenly (for example work your right arm the same as the left)
  • It will take three times as long to loose muscle as it did to gain the muscles (so the muscle you gained in 1 month, it will take 3 months to loose it)
  • Remember to rest 48 hours between workouts