There is a new rep club in Burlington, Oakville, and Hamilton Ontario they also provide AAU teams (AAU is american rep). The teams will hold tryouts in August and September, then they will participate in the rep season between October-May then the teams will participate in the AAU Circuit from May- July. 

Their Facebook link is  their website is coming soon. 

Their mission is to help players get noticed so they can have a greater chance of receiving a post secondary sports scholarship. 

To do this they have a 3 step program;

1) Practice/Programs

Our teams are rep+AAU which means our teams will be running year round. We will be able to teach players more skills as we have more practices than any other team. 

We also provide skill development programs throughout the year to further assist in your learning. Vertical jump programs will also be available.

2) Player Profile 

Each player that plays for our teams will have their own personal profile on our website with their accomplishments in the classroom and on the Basketball court. 

With a profile you will be more visable to potential University scouts which includes NCAA and Canadian Universities. 

3) Showcase

We will be attending AAU tournaments, during these tournaments you will be able showcase your Basketball skills to a wide range of NCAA University coaches.

email if you have any questions.