To get recruited by an NCAA school there are a few things that are mandatory for you to know. 

1) The first and most important thing to have is a game tape. Coaches are too busy to come and watch your game if you have not made them interested in you. You will need to have a highlight tape of a game you played against a top ranked team. Once you have made the highlight tape you can start sending out emails with the attached video, or a letter and CD to the University coaches. Once the coaches are interested they will ask for a game tape of every second you play. 

2) Next is the contacting part. You will need to contact the University coaches there is a slim chance through your 4/5 years in high school a coach will see you. To get a scholarship you need to turn this process into a full time job! NEVER STOP emailing and contacting coaches! 

As a note there are only certain times when NCAA coaches can contact you back, so check with the NCAA website to find out when the coaches can contact you back.