Back in the day when I was in grade 7 and 8 the plays we ran were all named after the capitol cities here in Canada. At the time it was an easy way for us players to remember which play is which, but now as I look back this was actually a very good idea. Lets think like teachers for a second, your trying to teach your kids a math or history lesson and your making the class memorize what your teaching, which method will you be using? Obviously your going to use repetition. 

This goes for any age group if its grade schoolers or high schoolers you can actually teach a lot while coaching a Basketball team. We used the Provincial Capitols from here in Canada, but you could easily use ancient Greek or Roman god names.

When you start naming plays your players will be able to remember the plays easier and as a coach you might as well make the names educational.

I would like to thank Mr. Lang who was my grade 7 Basketball coach for teaching the Basketball players of Burlington Central High school the plays to which will help them not only on the court but also in the class room.