Like most Basketball players I have opinions on Basketball shoes from how they fit to how they perform. My favorite shoe in the Nike Hyperdunks, back when they first came out there was a commercial that showed Kobe Bryant lacing up his Hyperdunks and continued to jump over an Aston Martin that was speeding right at him (obviously this didn't happen as we didn't hear of any lawyers crapping their pants). 

These shoes were supposed to help you jump higher however what they really do is support your foot and ankle while keeping the foot securely in the shoe nice and snug. While being light so to make it easier to run and help your run faster.

When I first picked of the Hyperdunks they felt cheap and when I tried them on they felt cheap also, however when I first used them in a game I fell in love, they were comfortable and I felt a noticeable difference in weight, I felt like if I was running barefoot with padding. 

If you are looking for new shoes I would suggest the new Nike Hyperdunk as they have the same attributes as the original ones, except better padding for when you run and jump. 

Now I understand that some players like shoes that are more on the comfortable side. If you are looking for a shoe that is more comfortable than any other Basketball shoe available I would suggest looking at any Jordan brand shoe.I have many pairs of Jordans and no shoe beats how comfortable they are. 

I hope this helps in your search for your next perfect shoe