I have had and seen many different coaches over my time as a player and as a coach. Each of these coaches had a different coaching style which works better with different types of players. Below is my top 3 list of the best coaches in my opinion I have ever met. 

My Top 3 List: 

  1. Mr James Lang: James Lang was an amazing coach, he was an hard ass at times while at other times he joked around and had a lot of fun. Mr Lang knew how to get us to work, what I mean by this is; if we were to loose a game, our next practice we had to run laps until all of the schools championship flags started to fly. This may be seen as a negative by many parents and players, however we almost won the championship that year. This also made us work exceptionally hard due to the fact we respected him for his character and for the fact we hated running like that after losses. 
  2. Mrs Lucy Williams: Lucy was also a spectacular coach and is easily tied with James Lang as number 1. Mrs Williams really knew her stuff. I remember back in grade 9 she was our assistant coach and our head coach needed to take time off due to family reasons. We started as a loosing team and became a winning team. Later Mrs Williams switched sides and took over as head coach of the ladies team and won the OFSAA Championships (Ontario High School Championships). Other than her knowledge of plays and use of players skills at timely parts of the game she was also a stickler for the basics, which we all know as coaches without the basics you will never become a skilled Basketball player. 
  3. Mr Seig Will/Jason Rodney: Seig and Jason were never my coaches, however I was their assistant coach a few years back and this combo has what it takes to coach the big leagues! Seig manages the players and the plays while Coach Jason manages the players game time. Before every game these two would have a meeting and talk about who is hot and who is not. They also get every player playing time, however like my own coaching style it is not even time. Every few weeks the two of them have meetings with each player about what they like, what they don't like, and how that players game time will increase or decrease. I absolutely loved how these two coaches run their team and I wish I had an assistant coach like Jason when I coached Rep Basketball!
As you can see each of the above coaches have a different coaching style. Remember when picking a team you pick a coach that suits your needs!

Mr James Lang: Coach for Burlington Central High School, Burlington Skyhawks, Ancaster Magic
Mrs Lucy Williams: Coach for Burlington Central High School (Retired) 
Seig Will: Coach for Oakville Basketball 
Jason Rodney: Coach for Oakville Basketball