Okay, so your in the gym and there is nobody there to play against, what are you going to do? Will you be leaving, or will you shoot around? Most likely you will shoot around, but will you just shoot around or will you shoot around and imitate game situations in your mind while shooting around. 

Here are a few ideas for players while they are waiting for players to come to the court to play against. All of the following drills are done while imagining a defending player. 

Step Back: Fake a shot then take one dribble to the left or right with one step and then take a step back jumper. 

Fake and Drive: Fake a shot and drive hard to the basket, finish with a layup or dunk. 

3-2-1: This is fun and I know almost everyone does it, in your head count down 4-3-2-1, while doing this run along the three point line and spin the ball to yourself like if someone is passing you the ball, then take a shot and beat the count and score before you reach 0.

Rebound and Score: This is a great skill for Forwards and Centers, start on one side of the rim and bounce the ball off the back board so that the ball bounces to the opposite side of the rim. Sky high for the rebound and land, right away after you land go straight back up and score using the back board.

Try these drills the next time you are alone waiting for your next victim to win against.