I know I usually talk about anything other than trying to lose weight on this blog but this is an interesting way of loosing weight. How do you feel when you look at the scale? do you feel, happy, mad, upset, uneasy, or all of the above? But you also have to look at how much muscle you have vs fat. I know I am 90 pounds over weight and I know that is not muscle, however when you place me next to my last boss who was 6 foot 6 and 290 pounds (same weight as me) and I am 6'2 technically I should look fatter as I am only 6'2 but I actually looked skinnier.

Now your probably wondering how is this possible, two people who are the same weight can look drastically different and the opposite than you would expect? Well its actually pretty simple, there are many ways this could happen.
  1. What the people are wearing, as you may know certain colours and patterns will make  you actually look skinnier.
  2. Muscle is another reason how someone may be able to look skinnier, with more muscle your body will look more fit and you may have better posture. 
If you are active and your trying to loose weight, a good way to loose weight is to look at your overall weight, however I would not advise to get too hung up over your actual weight as you will gain some weight from muscle. The best way to judge weight loss is to actually measure your fat.