Many coaches will say to you to watch certain players when they are playing during games because those players may have a skill that your coach wants you to improve on. 

I would suggest for all young players to watch Terrence Ross on the Toronto Raptors. While watching Terrence Ross you should pay close attention to his defense and his shot form. Ross' off the dribble shot and how he creates is superb and I know the younger Basketball players of the world could learn lots from this young man.

While Ross is only shooting 61% from the free throw line, Jose Calderon is shooting 91% which is much better. I'm not saying you shouldn't watch Terrence Ross shoot free throws because he shoots them with very good shooting form, however Calderon shoots a better percentage and also has great shooting form. 

If you are a young up and coming Center I would suggest for you to watch highlight of when Shaq played for the LA Lakers. You will learn many post moves and be able to see how Shaq became one of the most dominant Centers in NBA history.