This is a topic I love to talk about because there is not one player who doesn't get nervous before a Basketball game. Ever see those T-shirts that say "keep calm and chive on" well that is basically the moral of this story. Its human nature that we get nervous before trying anything new or going in front of a lot of people. You can either let nervousness eat you alive or you can take hold of it and use it to your advantage. I bet you have heard the Michael Jordan speech that said he was nervous before every Basketball game, or the speech with Carl Malone saying he puked before every game. they used their nervousness to gain an advantage. Lets face it, they are some of the best players to ever play Basketball. 

There is no one way to cure nervousness or use it to your advantage, my way was to think "I am doing this and nothing will stop me" while others this may not work I know it didn't really help the story of the player below. However, something one of the players said to him one day did help him and I could never find out what that one piece of advice was. I know when I was a player a few guy who played on my team said that blocking everything out works really well, just focus on what you, your team, and the opposing team is doing. A piece of advice I gave a player once was "think of this as practice, your not getting paid to play yet, there is no need to get nervous for practice". I would hate to be his coach when he goes to the professional level! By the way I would like to say sorry to that coach in advanced, I postponed the nervousness to when he gets to you. (haha) 

I remember a player was so nervous to tryout for a club team because he didn't think he would make it that he almost never tried out. I knew this boy since he was like 7 or 8 teaching him Basketball at the YMCA and I knew he could play defence and I knew he was athletic so I told him to try out for this team I am coaching. He almost never came until I got his older sister to force him to bring him out. I picked him as the 10th player on the team because I couldn't turn down anyone with the defensive skills he had. Every game and every time he was about to go on the court he was nervous but I and a few players on the team was able to ease that nervousness Well that worked until half way through the season I told him that his shooting and dribbling has improved to the point where he will be starting. He is now well positioned to play University Soccer (thats where the defensive skill came from).