Bad Trainer #1
Today I was talking to another Basketball trainer and he mentioned that if a Basketball player wants to Jump higher he/she needs to work on their Quads everyday with no break periods between days. Obviously I questioned him on this statement, but to no avail. 

Training the same muscle day after day is not the greatest idea. Muscles need 48 hours between workouts to recover. This is because when you work a muscle it tears itself and heals itself stronger to adapt so it doesn't tear as much next time, this is how muscles get bigger and stronger. 

Bad Trainer #2
When picking a Basketball Trainer for your son/daughter make sure you watch over what the trainer is making your child do during the session and how the trainer acts. I have seen way too many weight trainers and Basketball trainers make their clients just doing basics and taking breaks to use their cell phone. 

How will your child learn when the trainer takes cell phone breaks? I have seen a "Professional Basketball Trainer" tell their (16 year old) client to do layups while he talks on his cell phone. As you can figure out, this is not very good.