Did you know that you can still train your vertical jump while your in class or going between classes? Well the answer is yes, and it is not that hard either. First we will start with you in class, while in class you can work on your abs just by flexing them continuously until tired and do this twice every class, every other day. Next will be your legs, legs are an extremely important part of jumping higher. Some simple leg exercises that can be done during school is leg extensions. Leg extensions work on your quads which are a major part of jumping high and all you need to do is straighten your leg with your heel off the ground until you feel a burn in your quads. 

Next your going to be walking to your next class, a few exercises you can do are heel raises and walking an your toes, which works on your calfs. The other exercise you can do is walking up two stairs at a time, this will work on many different muscles in your legs at the same time. 

*Remember this is not meant to be used as a substitute to working out, but rather an addition to your workout schedule.