Everyone want to jump as high as they can with the least amount of actual physical work. But is this possible? Well the answer is yes... Kind of 

A few weeks ago while I was in the gym rehabbing my knee all I seen was people just going through the motions and not really working up a sweat. So I asked him what is his ultimate goal? The guy said that he wanted to dunk a Basketball and has been working out the past 2 years and only gained an inch or 2. I am surprised that he was still trying because usually people give up after not seeing many results. This guy was not short either, he was 6'4 and in good shape. 

After I finished my rehab workout I asked if what his workouts usually consisted of. Which got me this answer:
"I have been doing the same workout for 2 years, never added extra weight or more reps/sets"
After running him through a few new workouts and explaining that he needs to keep pushing himself or he will plateau and will not get any stronger and will definitely not be dunking.

Its been 3 weeks later and The same guy came up to me and told me that he can now dunk a Basketball!!!!!!!

Moral of this story/case study:

You need to continuously add more resistance/weight and reps/sets to your workouts or you will plateau just like this young man did (I shouldn't say young... he was around my age). Also you need to switch up your workout sometimes because your body will get used to the workouts and this will make you plateau also.