Do you want to jump higher tomorrow? 

Yes that's correct you can jump higher as fast as tomorrow and without much training, in fact you can jump 3-5 inches higher tomorrow by just following these two simple steps. 

  1. First you need to use those arms and shoulders. By swinging your arms when your jumping you can gain inches on your vertical leap. When you swing your arms you are creating momentum to help you soar higher than ever before. 
  2. Next is just as important as the first, you need to use your legs. You wouldn't believe how many players I have seen jumping and only bending their legs around 5 degrees. YOU NEED TO BEND YOUR LEGS WHEN YOU JUMP! Aim for a 45 degree bend and you will gain inches.
Have a friend record you trying to jump, do a layup, or dunk and follow these tips and you will be jumping higher!