With Steve Nash as the General Manager for Canada Basketball and the head coach position open there was no doubt that Jay Triano was going to be hired for the position. The last time Team Canada made the Olympics was back in 2000 in Sydney and Triano led Canada to a 5-2 record. In 2005 Jay Triano was fired from being Canada's head coach and Steve Nash followed suit. 

While Jay Triano was head coach for Canada he was also the assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors. After being fired from Canada he became the Assistant coach of team USA in 2008 and Coach 2.5 seasons as a head coach for the Toronto Raptors. 

Canada will most likely be playing in the 2016 summer Olympics with Jay Triano and the upcoming skill coming from Canada. Here are some names to be looking out for coming from Canada:
Andrew Wiggins will be the biggest name coming out of Canada, Wiggins is ranked #1 in the world for his age and is expected to become an NBA Superstar and possibly the next Michael Jordan.  

Tristan Thompson was drafted 4th by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft and is expected to be Canada's future in the Power Forward position. 

Other names to look out for are Cory Joseph, Kevin Pangos, Myke Kabongo, and Brady Heslip (Jay Triano's Nephew). Brady was 2 three's away from braking an NCAA March Madness record last year hitting 9 threes in a game. 

Link To Brady Heslip's 9 threes espn highlight