Asking your child's Basketball coach if he is certified may result in an argument and your child being benched. However there are ways to ask if he is certified without sounding condescending. 

First lets understand what a certified coach must go through. In Canada every club, College, University, and National Team coach must go through the NCCP program. The NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) is a program that teaches potential coaches the ethics and skills of coaching. 

The minimum requirement in Canada: 

U10-U14 Club Basketball: Head and assistant coach - Level 1 NCCP  

U15-U19 Club Basketball: Head Coach - Level 2 and Assistant Coach Level 1

College/University: Head Coach - Level 3 and Assistant Coach Level 2

National Team: Head Coach Level 5 and Assistant Coach Level 4

Now you may be wondering "what about my child's school coach?" Well there is no coaching education required for school coaches (this in my opinion needs to change).

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