Nick Baff was a friend of mine since we were in grade 1 and 2, and was a dedicated Football player. October 30th, 2006 was one of the hardest days of my life. Nick Baff was only 15 years old. 

The day started off just like any other day with myself walking through the hallways of Central High School and passing Nick's locker and waving saying "hey Nick" and then off to class. Later that morning I was in Construction class when the announcement went over the schools PA system, sadly I was unable to hear the announcement but the teacher Mr. Sagan did and turned all the power off and ran down the hallway. The rest of the day seemed to go extremely fast until the dreaded 30 minute announcement came over the PA at the end of the day saying what had happened. 

This came as a complete surprise to me and everyone else, and will be a day I never forget. 

Nick was an extremely great person, always helping others and wouldn't hurt a fly and known as the "BFG (Big Friendly Giant)". I remember when we were younger hanging around every recess and hanging around my house. 

Nicky you were the best friend anyone could have!