I have seen many Basketball player run inefficiently and I was one of those players until my ACL tear. I have been researching ways to run faster and more efficiently and one main aspect I have learned that by using the following technique you can also jump higher. 

Tips to run faster and more efficiently:
  • Run With Your Toes: When running do your heels contacting the ground first? As a child we are taught to run heel to toe, however this is not the proper way to run. For example if you were to run with no shoes on would you run heel to toe? NO you wouldn't or else your foot will be in excruciating pain. If you are to cushion your running by only running on the balls of your foot or by landing on your mid foot will help you run faster jump higher and reduce injuries.
  • Run With A Straight Back: If you run with a hunched back you will be doing more harm than good. Having a hunched back will make you more aerodynamic, however this will slow you down and create injuries. So run with a straight back.
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