Making a Basketball highlight tape will hurt your scholarship opportunities if made incorrectly. There are many different highlight tapes on Youtube, but do any of these tapes actually get looked at by an NCAA coach? The answer is; only about 0.1% of Basketball highlight tapes on Youtube actually get looked at by university coaches.

Why dont NCAA coaches look at highlight tapes on Youtube?
NCAA coaches just dont have time to do a Youtube search through the millions of Basketball highlight tapes to find a player who may or may not have what it takes to play at the NCAA level. Lets face it there are lots of highlight tapes on Youtube and many of these players should never have wasted their time making the video.

What can I do to make a highlight tape that can keep an NCAA coaches attention?

There are a few steps that make a highlight tape interesting and valuable to the recruitment process. 
  1. At the beginning of your highlight tape have a picture of yourself with your game stats for the game that you're highlighting.
  2. You can have music but make sure there are no words and that you keep the sounds of the game louder than the background music (ESPECIALLY NO SWEARING). 
  3. Record your game in the highest quality possible. 
  4. Only show highlights that consist of skills or athleticism (NO FIGHTS).
  5. Keep tape under 4 minutes. 
By following these steps you can catch a coaches attention, however if a coach does like what he sees from the highlight tape he will ask for a full game recording to be mailed to him (if a coach asks for a full game recording you are officially being scouted by that school).

If you are looking for background music for your highlight tape we have some beats for free.

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