Wouldn't it be great if you could jump high like Blake Griffin or Dwight Howard? Well you can, believe me anyone of average or above average hight can dunk (on a real 10 foot rim). However there is a catch, you need to be in good shape and at the appropriate weight for your hight.

If you are 100 pounds over weight there is a likely chance that you will be unable to dunk. However with the appropriate Jump Training Program you will be able to loose weight and work on your vertical jump. Good Vertical Jump Programs will include all aspects to gain specific jump related muscle. 

Muscles that relate to your vertical jump that many trainers overlook are your shoulders, abs, and lower back. When your going to dunk a basketball or jump up for a rebound you swing your arms in an upward motion, this creates momentum to get you higher in the air. Your abs and lower back are important because they keep your whole body strong and in balance. I have made the mistake of not properly working out my lower back and the muscle strains that I had were insane. 

Joint injuries are the most prevalent injury in Basketball, a bonus of having strong legs is and keeping in shape for playing Basketball is that there is a reduced chance of injury.