In Basketball everyone thinks you need to be tall, well this is not the truth, you can be short like Muggsy Bogues and still be a successful Basketball player. However the question still gets asked to me, "hey Allen how do i grow taller?" Well the answer is not always easy. 

There have been a huge number of studies done about how to grow taller:

Sleep: Getting the proper amount of sleep is crucial to your growth, as a child or youth you need sleep 8+ hours every night. Not to mention 8+ hours of sleep every night will help you do better in school and play better Basketball.

Exercise: Working out will help you grow taller! Working out does not stunt growth! Working out makes your pituitary gland produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone), this in turn makes your muscles stronger and is one of the catalysts in bone growth.  

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is key, without proper nutrition you will be unhealthy and this will hinder your ability to grow to your maximum height.

Glutamine/Supplements: There have been few studies that prove Glutamine and some supplements help you grow taller. While many of these studies do make sense there is reason to discredit these studies. If you are desperate to grow taller you might as well try taking Glutamine as it is a natural product and is not going to hurt you in the long or short term. 

Stretching: Stretching is key to prevent injuries during a sporting event but can also help you reach your maximum growth potential.