How to dunk

This question is asked so many times and the answer is not the same for everyone. Some may be able to touch their elbow to the rim and unable to dunk a basketball, while others are unable to touch the mesh and 100 pounds overweight.

Firstly you need a program, a good program will give you jump exercises and stretches, stretching is mandatory for optimal strength gain and injury prevention. With a good program you will successfully be able to maintain your weight, strength, and your jumping ability and/or loose weight, gain strength and improve jumping ability.

You don't need to be tall and skinny to dunk however you need to be a little bit in shape. I have seen many skinny and tall Basketball payers unable to dunk, once there was a skinny 6'9 player a few years ago only able to touch his finger tips to the rim.

There are many different vertical jump programs out there, some cost money while others are free like ours. Each has its own story. Ours is proved through Allen and his clients and we focus on your whole body.

Going back to the first paragraph, “if you should be able to dunk but can't” (ie. Basketball bounces of back of rim or the ball flies out of your hand).

Basketball bounces off back of rim: When dunking, don't try and hammer the ball down, just lightly dunk the ball and progressively dunk harder.

Ball flies out of hands when dunking: When dunking try and dunk with two hands. If you want to dunk with one hand without the ball slipping out of your hand you need to strengthen your wrist muscles.