In Basketball there is a type of defence called zone, this is when your players cover an area on the court. If a player with the Basketball is in your area you will guard him/her and if that player ends up being between two zones then there is a option for a double team. There are many ways you as a player or coach can beat a zone defence. 

First there is passing, by passing the Basketball you will spread out the zone defence which will lead to multiple open players for a shot. 

Another way of defeating a zone defence in Basketball is by overloading one side of the Basketball court. As I stated before the defending players are guarding an area, by over loading a side you may have a few offensive players open. 

The Drive and Dish is when your player (for example a Point Guard) driver towards the basket and then passes the ball out to an open man if their defending player sagged off too far and left his player open. 

The most important way to defeat a zone is by passing the Basketball between the high and low post. When the Basketball goes into the high post for example the players become focussed on stopping him while leaving their own man open for a pass.