As we have seen over the past two Raptor playoff games it can be difficult for any team to hold a lead. The trivial question is how can you hold a lead to win the game. 

As a coach I like big leads and I like to grow a big lead into an even bigger lead, while many coaches believe that you must slow down and go easy on a team. I hate when I see a team do 5 for 5 subs for that reason of beating a team by 20+ points. If you are a coach for a travel Basketball team you should want to win each and every game your team plays in. I have seen too many good teams loose because they play their bench when ahead by 10-15 points. I have a rule with every team I coach, unless I am upset with my starters I will always have a minimum of one starter playing. 

Another way I have seen a team come back to win a game is when a team starts making mistakes and they start thinking too much. Just like game 5 of the first round (2014) playoffs Raptors vs Nets. The Toronto Raptors made way too many weak passes and other sloppy mistakes. Coach Casey did call some timeuts but I don't think he did enough, not every player was committing terrible mistakes and the ones who did should have been benched right away. 

In conclusion 
There is no tried and true way of keeping a lead many things can happen during a game that can catch you by surprise. The best way to prevent a large comeback is to keep at least one starter on the floor at all times and to manage the score, because some comebacks are slow and not seen.