It's Halloween!

Chocolate, candy and chips are going to become extremely over whelming to everyone. Just remember that everything in moderation is good for you and whatever diet your on. Now I am not saying to eat crazy amounts of this stuff, however it is Halloween so have fun. 

Quick Halloween Tip: 
Chocolate, candy and chips have lots of fat and calories and can ruin any Basketball players (myself included) diet. One quick tip for all the trick or treaters out there; if you want lots of candy and chocolate but also want to keep in shape at the same time? All you need to do is run to each house instead of walking. This will in fact burn more calories and fat while at the same time get you MORE CHOCOLATE!

The count is on, its only a few hours away and the trick or treaters are out at full force. I hope to see more zombie Basketball players this year instead of zombie Hockey players.