With all of these new NBA contracts the big question is, are these players worth that kind of money?

Jeremy Lin, 3 years $25.1 million, Houston Rockets 
Is Jeremy Lin worth this sum of money? Well he did have some extremely amazing games last year with the New York Knicks while Carmelo Anthony was injured. In my opinion this is lots of money to risk on a player who only showed his potential but he will be worth it if he produces the offence he did last year, but with less turnovers.

James Harden, 5 years $80 million, Houston Rockets
It seems like the Houston Rockets are starting to show that they have lots of money to spend on players who show some promise to become a great player. Is the bearded man worth this kind of contract? Well the answer isn't yes or no, its a maybe. After the season opener he did prove that the money he is receiving is well worth it. Last night James Harden scored, 37 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals and 1 block. 

Demar Derozen, 4 years $38 million extension, Toronto Raptors 

This was a good choice for Colangelo, there was probably going to be other teams during the summer wanting to sign Derozen for much more than that and we would have lost the most exciting player on the Raptors.