Tis the to be thing of the coveted NCAA Basketball Scholarship. There are many reasons why a Basketball player wants a scholarship, actually too many reasons to list here however the reason that pops up the most is that most Basketball players want to play professional Basketball. One route to play profession Basketball is to play NCAA Division 1 Basketball and to get major playing time at one of these schools is to receive a partial or full scholarship.  

Many high school Basketball players will think they are good enough to play NCAA Division 1 Basketball, however this is not the case. I hope this does not discourage anyone but great guards are a dime a dozen especially in the USA, you need to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest of the field. However if you are close to 7 feet tall or over 7 feet you will have an advantage as there are fewer Basketball players who play Center with that height and if you have even a hint of skill you will have a huge advantage over your peers. 

Just remember your height matters to a point but the most important things an NCAA coach and especially a professional coach looks for is personality and skill.

  • Can you make your team work harder? 
  • Will you keep the locker room in good spirits?
  • Are you easy to get along with? 
  • Do you follow rules?
  • Do you fight? (If your a fighter this i snot a sport for you)   
  • Do you play your position?
  • Can you score?
  • Can you defend? 
Evaluate yourself, if you have the above qualifications you have what it takes to receive a scholarship, but are you willing to work your butt off to get that scholarship?