Getting noticed at tryouts can sometimes be the hardest thing to do and can make a player extremely nervous. Ask any player about their tryout experiences, I bet they all say that even one mistake can hinder their chance at making a team. As a player myself I can say the same, every mistake we make we get even more nervous, but as a coach I know first hand that many mistakes go unseen by coaches while at the same time many great plays go unnoticed by coaches.

Getting noticed by coaches is not easy some times, if your short you will automatically be looked at less than a player who is taller however being short can work to your advantage. If you are short all you need to do is find a way to use it to your advantage. 

Coaches will not always be watching you play but this doesn't mean anything as there may be other coaches or parents asked for their input. 

Tips for Basketball tryouts:
  • Listen to the coach
  • Answer the coach when spoke to
  • Play your game don't do anything special 
  • Don't foul too much 
  • Don't swear
If you follow the above tips you will do well at a Basketball tryout.  

If you did not make the team ask the coach if there is anything you can improve for next year.