While your playing in a Basketball game it's very easy for you to become extremely upset with yourself and at the ref's. However this is never a good thing to happen while playing in a game as this will effect your skills and you will become crappy almost 100% of the time. 

When your upset with how your playing and your shots not falling, instead of being upset you need to focus on another part of the game like passing the ball to get assists, grab more rebounds, or something else that can help your team win. Also NEVER get vocally upset with yourself as this may rub off on your team mates and this will never help you win any games. 

If you get upset with the ref, what usually happens? Ya thats right you get a technical, does this help your team win games? NO, so why not just let the ref's be and remember they are human and make bad calls sometimes.

In conclusion when your angry just put it to the side or you will lessen the chance of your team winning. This rule also applies to coaches!

I will admit I was a vocal player and coach at times and every time I looked back at those games I could always tell the turning points when that was happened, and this goes with the other players on my team too.