I have spoke about many different ways about how to get a Basketball scholarship, but I have left out one piece of amazing information. All but one of my friends that have received NCAA Basketball Scholarships went to showcase's all over the USA. When I coached with the Oakville Basketball Club (OBC) I remember they were talking about starting a tradition of yearly showcases, but I have not heard of one happening yet.  

What are Showcases, and why are they getting so popular?

A Basketball Showcase is basically a well known camp, usually with invited players and held at a university, or by a highly renowned company like NIKE. A showcase will usually have  players and coaches from the NCAA or from the professional level who are there to teach the young players who are participating. 

Why are Showcases getting so popular?

Showcases are becoming more popular because there are a bunch of really good players all together in the same location and in the showcase there will be instruction time, drills, and then a scrimmage. The NCAA Basketball coach looking to give out scholarships will  have a list of positions open for his up coming seasons 1-2-3 years down the line and the types of players he is looking for. The Coach will now be able to see the player in one location which saves time and money, will be able to see the players attention span with the instruction time, then see the hustle potential players have during practice. Next the recruiting coach will see how each player plays during games in the scrimmage. 

If you are a Basketball player looking for a scholarship, or a parent to a Basketball player looking to get your Son/Daughter a scholarship you need to check out some of your local or higher ranked showcases. They might cost a lot of money, but believe me it is truly worth the money for the skills gained and the exposure you will gain.