As I mentioned in previous articles you need to take on this process like if its a full time job. Trying to get a scholarship will consume your life, you will need to have great grades which means lots of homework and studying, next is skill and athleticism, you will need to play Basketball everyday and train everyday. 

If you have great grades and you think you have the skill needed to play NCAA Basketball the first thing you will need to do is contact each and every NCAA school. Do not select just your top 3 schools to send your player resume and player cover letter, pick every single NCAA school so you have the best chance to get looked at, don't forget that there is also Division 1, 2, 3, and Naia schools. 

The first thing you will need is a highlight tape, my suggestion is to create a highlight tape with you playing against one of the top teams in your division, and do not mix games in a highlight tape unless your highlighting a whole tournament, which you should still post highlight tapes from each game. A highlight tape should not have music as everyone's music taste is not the same. Another reason for this is that the NCAA Basketball coaches dont want to hear "F U" while watching your highlight tape. (Here is a sample of a good highlight tape)

NCAA Basketball coaches do not surf around Youtube looking for potential players to throw a scholarship at. NCAA coaches usually only go to high school playoff games, AAU games and prep school games. However posting your highlight tapes on Youtube are not completely useless, this is because a coach would rather click a link to see your video instead of downloading a .zip file from an email that could potentially store a virus. Plus the bonus of posting a video online is the NCAA coach can scroll through and look at all of your video (if your interesting to him). Remember to keep your whole recording of each game because if there is a coach who is interested in your game he will ask for the recording of the whole game. 

Majority of the time coaches will not find you, you will need to go to them for the NCAA coaches to find you. This means you need to send a cover letter email. In the email introduce yourself and add links to your highlight tape, links or scans of news articles, and your player resume. The more information you send to the NCAA coaches in an easy format to understand the better of a chance you will have at getting recruited by him.
If your high school and AAU coach is willing, have him type up a reference letter about you mentioning your strengths. Remind your coach to add his phone number, reachable address, and email. Coaches listen to other coaches especially if your coach is known to the NCAA coaches. 

Working to get an NCAA Basketball scholarship can be a long process and lots of work, but I know you can do it!

Good luck!