As a Basketball fan I know you have been following the Toronto Raptors through this years NBA playoffs. Before the NBA playoffs started there was a little bit of newsworthy tension between the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets as the Nets rested their starters the last few games to supposedly end up playing against the Toronto Raptors, is this true, who knows? 

Then a few minutes before the first playoff game the Raptors GM went outside of the Air Canada Center in Toronto and made a public announcement to pump up the crowed. Right before he walked off the stage he proceeded to say "Fuck Brooklyn". 

Now the argument is what's better, youth as in the Toronto Raptors, or experience as in the Brooklyn Nets, whats better? This can be a very hard question because the youth will have more stamina and speed, while the more experienced may have more skill, and will be able to handle situations a lot better. 

Myself I would pick a mix because then you know you would have a great team, however this is not the case with the Toronto Raptors. In the first game they played horrible except for Jonas and you can tell everyone on the team as nervous. 

The Raptors series is currently tied 2-2 and I think they will win, and so does Charles Barkley. 

What do you think?