Does lifting weights and working out as a kid stunt growth?

In the past this myth was the case over many parts of the world however, this is not true. Many people still think that this myth is true, this myth was started back in the day from when proper nutrition was not something thought about. 

Working out and lifting weights is beneficial for everyone from youth to seniors. If your son or daughter play sports the best thing you can do as a parent of a young athlete is to provide provide proper nutrition and to sign them up for a children's workout program. In a children's workout program they will focus on body weight exercises and light weight training that will strengthen their young body to prevent injuries. 

If you are going out to buy your child some weights to weight lift at home make sure to oversee what they are doing and show them proper technique, with proper technique they will not injure themselves and will see bigger improvements in strength. 

Before your son or daughter lifts any weights have them train for a month with their own body weight (ie. push-ups, squats, lunges, wall sits, etc). we have some programs on our site you might be interested in for your child. 

After your child works out give them a glass of milk to replenish the carbs used and the protein in the milk will help the muscles grow back strong.