This is a question many parents ask themselves, obviously their young Basketball player wants the coolest most expensive pair. But do you need to invest in yet another pair of shoes? Well the answer is yes you should buy your young Basketball player a pair of Basketball shoes. 

There is a lot of technology that goes into a pair of Basketball shoes and cost does go with more advanced shoes. If your young Basketball player is under 6 years old you can get away with the cheap name brand shoes. I say brand name shoes because I have had a terrible incident with the cheap Walmart shoes. If your young Basketball player is between the age of 7-11 years old you can get away with a mid range pair ($60-$90). If your young Basketball player is older than 12 years old he is basically a young man and needs to have the high performance shoes like the Nike Hyperdunks. You don't need to pay $200+ however usually a good pair of Basketball shoes is between $100-$150. 

These higher performance shoes have better padding in the soles, better ankle support, and lighter materials. I have been wearing Hyperdunks, Jordans, and Iversons for a while now and I am unable to go back to the cheaper Walmart/Shaq shoes. I tried on a pair of Shaq's a few days ago and the soles were so extremely hard I was in disbelief that shoes could feel like running on cement. I also find that Nike shoes have the best grip on a Basketball court. 

There are many parents who believe that all their young Basketball player needs is a pair of running shoes. Well I can tell you first hand that running shoes make it extremely easy to sprain your ankle as there is absolutely no ankle support. 

I hope this helps all you parents out there.