Believe it or not lucky socks work! 

Scientists have proven that your brain is the strongest organ in your body. Your brain can actually make you perform at a higher level than you usually perform at. This is the scientific fact when it comes to lucky socks or underwear, etc... 

We have seen this numerous times when it comes to sports, as a coach in one game we were losing to a team that we should have been killing so I took the players water bottles at half time and filled up each bottle with water and some sugar that I found at the Tim Hortons I ate at before the game. As I gave the water bottles back to the players I explained that I put some powder in the water and they will play better if they drink it during the rest of their game. (I told the parents what I was doing before I did it)

As they drank the sugar water the whole team actually played better and eventually won the game from a 30 point deficit at half time. This is because they were thinking that the sugar water was in fact making them better, however in reality they were playing better because they thought the sugar was making them better. 

This is the case with lucky socks, unless I am totally wrong and lucky socks are actually lucky.

I did eventually explain the sugar to my players, and yes I do have a pair of lucky socks.