Canadian Basketball Star Devoe Joseph has been invited for yet another year of the Toronto Raptors NBA Summer League which begs the question, will this year be the year?

I have personally seen Devoe play and I also have played against him and I strongly believe that he does have the skill to be a player in the NBA considering the last time I played against him he was better than any of the players in my D-League training camp that I attended a few years ago. 

Devoe Joseph is a very strong guard who has a nice jump shot which the Toronto Raptors desperately need and has some killer court vision. Not to mention that Devoe Joseph is actually Canadian and would bring in a ton of new fans especially if he gets some consistent minutes. 

Devoe Joseph has a brother who also has NBA experience which includes a few Playoff appearances (Cory Joseph). On Sunday Devoe played in the NBA Summer League against his brother and the Toronto Raptors won 82-76, below are what the Joseph's scored:

Devoe Joseph:
7 Points
2 Assists
1 Rebound

Cory Joseph:
16 Points
6 Assists 
6 Rebounds