As a Basketball coach you need to keep practice fun or else your players will become bored, which means they will learn less and you may start running into attendance issues. To make a practice fun challenges are always the best, as they also bring everyone into a competitive attitude. 

Here is a competitive drill I use with my team when I coach:

  1. Run a 5 on 5 half court game 
  2. Dont count the offensive baskets only count the defensive stops
  3. First team to 10 defensive stops wins 
  4. loosing team does pushups and running laps
This will make your players have a defensive mindset, because remember defence wins championships! 

Another Defensive Drill I use which is what I use with a very young age group. I call this drill Allen says, which is the same thing as Simon Says, make your players do defensive activities like defensive slide, jump, loose ball (dive on floor), and running backwards and forwards. Once they are used to this I will add stuff like run to a wall or run, grab a Basketball and make a shot. The last player to get to the wall or score a basket will sit down, the last player standing will win.